Fung Kit Lim (MYS)

Whenever people are going out Kit seems to drop below the radar. Where is he? Studying? Well no, usually… Hiding behind one of his countless undercover messenger-names like "Smelly people sucks!"

Top three fantasies:
1) Being naked with two women and lube.
2) Being naked with one woman and lube.
3) Being naked with lube.

Apart from entertaining such fantasies, Kit is apparently quite the ladies’ man. At least he commented on one occasion that: "I think American pussy smells different from Malaysian ones." With pick-up lines like that you don’t need a complete set of teeth to get the girl.

As a member of the debate team, Kit often brings powerful arguments to bear. When these fails however he reverts to the somewhat lower tactic of name-calling… "You Porn-boy!", "Shut up Gay-man!" and "Damn fuck-fucker!"…

Possibly one of the most unlucky people on the face of the earth, Kit nevertheless remains in a positive mood. A before-dinner comment of "I’m so screwed" thus needs little more than the Kit-patented: "appetizer/main-course/dessert-meal" all on one huge plate, to change his mood back into the funny-guy.


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