Napsugár Linnert (HUN)

Life philosophy: laugh is the best medicine, Liquor comes next.
Description: Senselessly raving, perpetually ranting, fast-talking bitch.

"I ain’t gonna have Easter dinner with a weird retired 150 year old haggard in her retirement home ‘cos I ain’t no CHARITY WORKER!"
"A shower? Yes a shower is quick in the morning, but a bath… a bath is

Always knowing where to find the really happening events Napsugár at one time came running and shouting: "Hurry up. There is a wonderful, amazing, incredible, Fire-Performance at 9. We cannot miss it. It is art!! It must be unforgettable!" – Well… it wasn’t.

This and other things happened because Napsugár is really great! She loves to get people involved in what she is going to do – even if it’s lame. What would we do without her? We wouldn't know what to do when she’s not TELLING us what to do.

With a laughing style all her own – the coyote – you can always tell when Napsugár is within a 5 block radius. On occasion she has been known to scare off little children, large men, and scary predators.

Although on her "semester off", always busy busy busy.
Although woman, one of the guys
Although Hungarian, no mustache

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