Johanna Leinonen (FIN)

Description: Anger Management Patient # 14938 (Failed Specimen)

Life philosophy: Give!

Favorite phrase:
"Oh my God, Iím so full..."
"... in my hometown in Northern Finland..."

Least favoured phrase:

Often getting all uptight and trembling in anger, like a boiling tank with steam blowing off the top, waiting to explode whenever someone pisses her off - like the bouncers at the bars, constantly taking her for a 19 year old freshman and checking her ID.

The Italian manís archetypal, blonde, blue-eyed Scandinavian girl, Johanna is unfortunately ruining a perfectly good stereotype, by actually being smartÖ How rudeÖ

Although never actually seen working by anyone, and although another favorite phrase of hers is "Iím so tired" followed by a 5 hour afternoon-nap, Johanna is nevertheless able to produce A-essays in a steady stream. Downloading them from the web perhaps?


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