Martin Uhrbrand (DK)

Description: A walking English dictionary.

Favorite phrases:
"Chop! Chop! No more Nonsense! Move your Ass, Soldier!"
"Screw you!"
"A mug of Guinness please…"
"C'mon, give me a break!"

An eloquently speaking gentleman who knows everything, and is more than happy to share his thoughts… even when he is sleeping.

A gym Instructor and patient teacher of us all, Martin – although known as “grandfather” – modeling himself on the mighty Clint Eastwood he is a man of action. He’s cracking his knuckles (someday his fingers will come off), but stops short of the Eastwood cigar – it makes him cough like a little girl.

The bald guy with the cartoon teeth and naughty-boy laugh suddenly saw his popularity with the fairer sex rise dramatically, as he bought himself a car.



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